LED Before and After

LED improves light AND saves Energy.

Car Lots save 75-80% on lighting cost.

Typical Gas Station saves 70% or more.

Retail Stores save 60-75% on Lighting Cost.

Warehouses get significantly better light with about 80% reduction in electricity usage.

Retail savings from LED are Huge! Not to mention better lighting.

LED light quality and color improve safety and worker productivity!

Safety, worker and student productivity and attendance improve with LED.
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LED Upgrade and Retrofit Programs!

Complete Turnkey Solution to LED Upgrades!

Save Energy

Energy Efficient LED Lighting saves from 30 to 70 percent on utility bills while providing as much or more light.

Save Time

We do the legwork.

Save Money

Utility Companies rebate programs offset the majority of the cost of new lighting.

Proven Results

With thousands of happy customers, Neutimes and its teams of installers can have your new LED lights installed in no time.

Turnkey Programs!

We handle the entire process for you. We do the initial assessment, work with you to determine the most cost effective solution, provide all the lighting and labor, handle all paperwork for incentives from the local utilities and set you up to let the electricity savings pay for your lighting. You simply enjoy your new lighting, cost savings, possible energy star building, better work from employees, safer work environment and better light.

Ask about our NO MONEY DOWN Lighting as a Service (LaaS) program to save instantly! With this program, we use the powerful combination of financial incentives from Duke Energy and Duke Progress combined with electricity savings to create a zero up front cost solution with immediate positive cash flow.